Hybrid argument draft 1 + video peer feedback


Hybrid Argument Draft 1 + Video Peer Feedback

Initial Post:

Instructor Prompt #1 (only one for this week):

At this point in the final hybrid pa.per writing process, you should have a minimum a 1000 word draft ready to share with your peer groups for revision. This week is explicitly dedicated to writing, rewriting, and writing even more. In line with the themes of this course, composition students must embrace writing as a recursive process. The very act of peer revision brings to life rhetorical and audience awareness strategies outlined by Mike Bunn and Shelley Reid. The practice of giving and receiving feedback embraces Lamott’s conception of the “Shitty First Draft” and reinvents the relationship of revision as described by Peter Elbow. In the body of this discussion post, be sure to include your 250-500 word author’s note and specify any kinds of peer feedback you would appreciate. If you are stuck on any part of the writing process, please be sure to detail that in the body of this discussion board post. Review Week 7 Draft #1 Assignment  

 Download Week 7 Draft #1 Assignment and attach Draft #1 in .doc or .docx format to this discussion post. 

Peer-to-Peer Instructions: 

Using both the Peer Video Response Evaluation Resource 

Download Peer Video Response Evaluation Resource  and Peer Review MLA Checklist Resource 

Download Peer Review MLA Checklist Resource , you need to download, read, and annotate your peer’s Hybrid Argument First Draft. 

In order to give thoughtful and comprehensive feedback, be sure to carve out generous time to closely read your peer’s text. After you have responded to your peer via written feedback, create a 3-5 minute peer response video describing the changes you suggested in depth. Post both your video feedback and attach written feedback for your peer to review.