) identifications: please describe the following items and explain


) Identifications: please describe the following items and explain why each is significant include relevant dates or times periods

a) Dawes Act

b) Third industrial system

c) Big Stick Diplomacy

d) Jim Grow

e) The Wagner Act

2) Relationships: In your answer identify the person the question refers to and describe his or her significance in US history. Then identify and describes would think about the second term and why. Be sure justify your answer with at least one reasons.

  1. What might Jane Addams think about the league of nations?
  2. What might Franklin Roosevelt think about the American Federation of Labor?
  3. What might the robber barons captains of industry think about the new deal?
  4. What might Ida B. Wells think about sharecropping?

3)Chronology: put the following items in chronological order.

  1. Reconstruction.
  2. Social Security Act.
  3. The Gilded Age
  4. Compromise of 1877