Installing and supporting I/O devices

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Lesson/Lab 6

Work in pairs or teams to complete the activities.

Activity 1: Installing and Supporting I/O Devices

Complete the labs and review questions.

  1. Lab 8.1: Gather Information on Your System
  2. Lab 8.2: Identify Hardware Conflicts Using Device Manager
  3. Lab 8.3: Simulate Serial Port Communications
  4. Lab 8.4: Diagnose Simple Hardware Problems
  5. Lab 8.5: Use a Multimeter to Inspect Cables
  6. Critical Thinking Lab 8.6: Critical Thinking: Sabotage and Repair a System

Activity 2: PC Repair Fundamentals

Using the Lab in Chapter 2 of the Lab ebook, complete labs 2.1 through 2.7 and submit all documentation and review questions for each lab.

  1. Lab 2.1: Observe the Boot Process
  2. Lab 2.2: Take a Computer Apart and Put It Back Together
  3. Lab 2.3: Choose a System
  4. Lab 2.4: Determine System Requirements
  5. Lab 2.5: Compare What You Need with What You Can Afford
  6. Lab 2.6: Check System Compatibility
  7. Lab 2.7: Evaluate an Upgrade
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