Item response | Criminal homework help

 For the following assignment, you will review and respond to three different items. 

Item 1: Michael and his girlfriend, Jane are having a verbal argument in front of the supermarket. Jane says, “You know what…I am walking home”. Michael replies, “No you’re not!” He then opens the right front passenger side door and pushes Jane inside. He gets in the driver’s seat and drives off, while Jane is trying to unlock the door to get out. Michael relocks the door and continues driving. Jane repeatedly asks him to let her out. Think about the crimes that Michael has committed. Describe the crimes and the elements. Then, identify which portions of the scenario meet the elements. 

Item 2: Discuss the elements of Voluntary Manslaughter and the concept of adequate provocation. Provide an example or scenario which demonstrates the incorporation of both.

 Item 3: David and his friend, John, commit a bank robbery. In the process of doing so, the police arrive and John is shot and killed by the Police. Consider whether or not David can be charged with Felony Murder for the death of John. Describe the elements of Felony Murder, conduct an analysis of the scenario presented and provide support for your opinion on whether or not David can be charged with Felony Murder for the death of John. 

Requirements: The assignment shall be in APA format, typed in 12 font Times New Roman, and shall not have been turned in previously to any other instructor for any other course or assignment. Paper length is 1-2 pages not to include the cover page or bibliography. It is to be submitted as a Microsoft Word Document. The assignment shall be an individual effort and not a group project.