Journal of Cleaner Production

Part A: Canvas

Part A: 1 Canvas plus 1000 word analysis (plus or minus 10%)

For this assessment, you will develop the business model of your business idea in the format of a Lean canvas.

In preparation for this assessment, you will need to review this article and video:

Joyce, A & Paquin, RL 2016, ‘The triple layered business model canvas: A tool to design more sustainable business models’, Journal of Cleaner Production, vol. 135, pp. 1474–1486.

Ash Maurya 2013, Capture your business model in 20 minutes – Lean Canvas, accessed May 21, 2018, from <>.

You have recognised an opportunity in the market for a new entrepreneurial venture. You need to choose between the following:

As an entrepreneur it will take the form of a stand-alone new organisation, or

As an intrapreneur it will be a new element of an existing organisation

You are in the early stage of the new venture (i.e. you have not generated significant sales) and as per the Lean Startup methodology you are experimenting with how you will address the opportunity. You are to develop a canvas to take a snapshot of your current thinking about implementing your business idea so you can communicate your idea. As a result, you need to write a report supporting your canvas.

Your canvas should be displayed on a one-pager as per the template provided. To help you develop the canvas you will need to review the relevant sections of the academic journal article by Joyce and Paquin (2016) and the video on lean canvas by Ash Maurya (2013)

Please note that the article from Joyce and Paquin focuses on business model canvas but the same theories apply to the lean canvas since they have the same origin.

In the report supporting your canvas you should:

Briefly introduce your business idea in the introduction (less than 100 words).

Then in the first part, you will need to explain the theory behind the canvas by discussing the difference between a business plan and a business canvas.

In the second and final part of your report, you will need to explain and justify briefly each key element of your canvas.

Part B: Oral presentation

Part B: 3-5 minute oral presentation of 5 slides

Having completed your canvas in Part A, you are tasked with producing an elevator pitch (short oral presentation) targeted at potential investors if you are an entrepreneur, your management if you are an intrapreneur. You need to develop a PowerPoint slide deck of 5 slides with a script (comprehensive or simply bullet points).

In addition, you need to record your 4-5 minute oral presentation based on your canvas, demonstrating why your audience should invest in your venture. For advice on delivering a great elevator pitch watch the video ‘Make your Pitch Perfect’ by Alison Chadwick.

Note that AIB will provide a PowerPoint template to guide your presentation which is available on the learning portal in the Assessment section of the subject website.

This assessment item has two components that must be submitted separately:

the PowerPoint presentation in the provided template (saved as a PDF with the audio script included in the slide notes)

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