Kilgore And Mitchell Realtors Is A Mississippi Real Estate Firm That Has Been In

Kilgore and Mitchell, Realtors, is a Mississippi real estate firm that has been in business for 15 years and has a

strong local and regional reputation. Partners James J. Kilgore and Donald O. Mitchell are assisted by six full-time salespeople, two part-time salespeople, and two full-time secretaries. Until recently they had enjoyed a harmonious office atmosphere.

Virginia Bolt has been with the firm in part-time sales for about 5 years and has built a reasonably large clientele. Before joining Kilgore and Mitchell she worked a total of 25 years in various clerical positions in banks and with governmental agencies. She had excellent clerical skills but was unable to remain long in any job because of an inability to get along with people. Her recent actions indicate a renewal of the old people problem. In addition to antagonizing other salespeople in the firm by undercutting and backstabbing, she has allegedly violated an important point in realty ethics by advertising property in her own name with no reference to Kilgore and Mitchell as her employers.

Mitchell wants to release Virginia from her position with the firm. He believes that her unethical actions could damage the firm’s good name. He also thinks that her personality is disrupting an otherwise smooth operation. Kilgore wishes to give Virginia another chance. His reasoning is that her successful record in sales outweighs her shortcomings in other areas.