Know Fuel Sources For Steady State Exercise Of Various Duration And Intensity

Know fuel sources for steady state exercise of various duration and intensity

1\. In terms of VO2, how do we quantify steady state exercise?

2\. Why does steady state VO2 take time to attain?

3\. What effects does training have on SS exercise?

4\. What is used to produce most energy before SS exercise is acheived?

5\. Define oxygen deficit.

6\. What factors affect oxygen deficit?

7\. Why does our body not immediately return to homeostasis following exercise?

8\. What is causes EPOC?

9\. What is included in the Rapid and Slow portion of EPOC curve?

VO2 max Definition, bpdy parts affecting it, factors affecting it.

10\. Possible causes of the lactate threshold?


15\. What is ergometry?

16\. What is an ergometer?

17\. What is power?

18\. How do we commonly measure (what units are used) work? Power?

19\. Why do we want to differentiate work from power?

20\. What can assessing power tell us?

21\. Know energy expenditure equation VO2 = Ve x (O2%i – O2%e)

22\. What are METS?

18\. What is metabolism?

19\. What is calorimetry?

20\. What is a bomb calorimeter?

21\. What is a metabolic chamber?

22\. What are disadvantages to direct calorimetry?

23\. What is indirect calorimetry?

24\. What is RQ, RER?

25\. What values are important for RER?

26\. What errors are associated with RER?

27\. Make sure you can calculate energy expenditure from VO2, RER equivalent & time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

28\. How do you calculate % of kcal from fat? From CHO?

29\. What is the energy contribution from fat? From CHO?

30\. What is range of efficiency for humans in cycle ergometry? Why so inefficient?

31\. What factors determine economy of movement?