L L P3 You Want To Amplify An Ekg Signal That Has A Range Of Ismv But Is Accompa

please include as much information as possible, I think this would require a negative voltage source in the negative terminal of the amplifier and a gain of 1000 but it says use +- 10V.

l-l P3.1: You want to amplify an EKG signal that has a range of iSmV but is accompanied by a series dc electrode offset potential of +1.5V. Denote this signal as p, which varies between 1.505 V and 1.495V.Design a dc-coupled amplifier circuit using only one-op-amp such that the output is, q = 1000(p – 1.5) The op amp’s supply voltages are +10V and -10V. You can choose any resistors. If you need an additionalvoltage source, you must use +10V or -10V. Clearly draw the circuit and show the required values.