L5 1 Potassium Chloride Has Solubility 43 0 G 100 G Water At 50 O C Will A Mixtu


1.Potassium chloride has solubility 43.0 g/ 100 g water at 50oC. Will a mixture of potassium chloride (110.0 g) and water (250 g) form a saturated solution at 50oC? If so, then what mass of potassium chloride will remain undissolved?

2.Calculate the concentration, % m/m, of a solution containing 26.0 g solute and 726.0 g water.

3.Calculate the molarity of a 10 % m/v solution of calcium nitrite. Use atomic weights to one place of decimals.

4.What volume (mL) of a 4.00 M solution must be diluted to 500 mL to yield a 5.00 x 10-3M solution?

5.List the atomic weight to two places of decimals of iron, calcium, chlorine, and beryllium.

6\. List the atomic mass for these elements: iron (Fe), calcium (Ca), potassium (K), and oxygen (O).

7\. What is the theory behind paper chromatography?

8.When is a dilution made in everyday life.