Lab 0 Intel Quartus Prime Lite Tutorial Prerequisites Before Beginning This Labo

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Lab 0: Intel Quartus Prime Lite TutorialPrerequisites: Before beginning this laboratory experiment you must:Know the logic gate symbols for AND, OR and NOT.Be familiar with the Exclusive-OR (XOR) logic function.Know how to construct an XOR logic function using AND, OR and NOT gates.Have watched the Quartus tutorial videos.Equipment: Personal computer with Quartus Prime Lite installed. Access to a Terasic DE10-Lite FPGA board.Objectives: When you have completed this tutorial, you will be able to:Create a new project in Quartus Prime Lite.Design a Digital Logic Circuit using Gate Primitves in Schematic Capture.Apply names to input and output signals.Launch a waveform editor to perform a functional simulation.Edit a simulation waveform.Perform a pin assignment for a MAX10 FPGASynthesize a Digital Logic Design in Quartus Prime LiteUpload the bitstream file to a Terasic DE10-Lite FPGA board and test the functionality of the circuit inhardware.IntroroductionThe purpose of this lab is to get you acquainted as quickly as possible with Intel Quartus Prime Lite. For a morethorough tutorial and reference information, refer to "Quartus Prime Introduction Using Schematic Designs" at Material/16.1/Tutorials/Schematic/Quartus II !ntroduction.pdThe lab instructions follow the quick-start tutorial format on 0-1: Build a 2-input XOR gate using AND/OR/NOT gates in Intel QuartusFirst, launch Quartus Prime Lite:QuartusFigure 1: Quartus Desktop IconNext, you can launch the "New Project Wizard" that will walk you through the steps necessary to create a newproject. You can launch it either from the start screen or by going to "File -> New Project Wizard".Gustus Prime Ute EditionDile Edt 29% project Assignments Processing Tools sandow HelpSearch alera.comProject Navigator 4 Hierarchy.Q HexP Catalogpil ation Hierarchyevice Family MAX 10 IDA/DF/DC/SA/SC) .Open ProjectXInstalledProject DirectoryNo Selection AvailableNotificationsLibrary>Basic FunctionsFigure 2: Quartus launch screen showing the New Project Wizard button.