Lab 1: setting up the arduino









I will be getting acquainted with the Arduino board in this lab. I will familiarize myself with the parts and get a basic understanding of the IDE program that will operate the different functions. After that in the second section I will be modifying the basic program and measuring the duty cycle on the board itself.




·         Arduino Uno


·         USB Cable




1.       Lab 1a: Procedure:


·         Watch the video: Tutorial 01 for Arduino: Getting Acquainted with the Arduino (


·         Download and install the Arduino IDE.


·         Create a new Sketch and give it the name Lab1a_Blink_G000xxxxxx where you have included your Grantham ID into the file name.


·         Type in the code provided in Chapter 1 for the Blink program and upload to the Arduino. Note that if the program is working correctly that the onboard LED will blink indefinitely.


·         Capture a screenshot of your completed sketch.


2.       Lab 1b:Procedure:


·         Adjust the Blink program such that the onboard LED stays on at all times.


·         Connect a jumper wire to pin 13 of the Arduino and another jumper wire to the Ground pin.


·         Upload your new program to the Arduino.


·         With a Digital Multimeter, measure the exact voltage between pin 13 and ground.


·         Take a picture of the Arduino board in run mode and include the voltage display of the DMM.


·         Redesign your program to meet the following specifications:


·         Over a 10 second period of time the onboard LED and pin 13 must exhibit a duty cycle of 40%


·         Save the redesigned sketch with the filename Lab1b_DutyCycle_ G000xxxxxx where you have included your Grantham ID into the file name.


·         Include a screenshot of your redesigned code and pictures of measurements of the DMM display to confirm the voltages during each portion of the cycle.