Lab Report For Enhance Oil Recovery All Related Files Are Below Please Finished

Lab Report for Enhance oil recovery

All related files are below.


Outline for lab report

1\. Title,dateoflabsession,andyournameatthetopoffirstpage. 2. Concisestatementoftheobjectiveoftheexercise.


3\. Your answers to task 2 in the pre-lab exercise.


1. Recordexperimentalsetupandprocedureinsufficientdetailthatyoucouldrecreate the experiment ten years hence. Include a schematic.
2. Describeconciselyhowyouextractedarealsweepefficiencyfromyour measurements.

Results 6. Selected photos for the C your group considered. 7. ForthethreeCfromyourlabsession:

*  Outlines of the polymer front at the selected times.
*  Plot of cumulative oil recovery as a function of time.
*  Plot of areal sweep efficiency as a function of time. Discussion. Use complete sentences – clarity counts!

1. Compareandcontrasttheshapeofthefront,thesweep,andtheoilrecoveryforthe three C.
2. Explain any differences and trends. What properties control the differences in displacement behaviour? Hint: you may assume that the oil has a kinematic viscosity and density of 73.45 mm2/s and 0.9169 g/cm3, respectively, at room temperature (Esteban et al., 2012).


10.State the names of the other students in your group, and their contribution to the laboratory activity. Acknowledge the contributions from the other two groups in your session.