LabPlanetary Orbit Simulator

I don’t understand this Science question and need help to study.

Instructions: Download the provided Word document and carefully follow all instructions.

Submission: Upload your Word document, or you may also save and upload your work as a PDF file. Any appropriate sketches, diagrams, etc. may be pasted into the Word document or uploaded as a separate image file.

NOTE: Question 13 (in the Kepler’s 2nd law section) asks you to use the simulator to note the size of the sweep segment for an eccentricity of 0.5. To receive credit for the lab, in addition to your written answer, you must include a screenshot of the simulator with at least three sweep sections shown. Pease upload the screenshot with your final lab submission.

Rubric: Your score will be based on the following rubric.


Background Material: 10 points (2 points per question)

Kepler’s 1st Law: 29 points (4 points per question for questions 6 – 9; 6 points for Q10, 7 points for Q11)

Kepler’s 2nd Law: 19 points ( 4 points per question for questions 12 – 14; 7 points for Q15)

Kepler’s 3rd Law: 42 points (8 points for Q16; 4 points per question for questions 17 – 20; 8 points for Q21; 6 points for Q23)

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