Microeconomics week 6 assignment 1


One way to understand how the economy works is the circular flow model.  This model demonstrates the flow of resources, goods, services, and income between households and business through the resource market and the market for goods and services.

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Circular Flow Model. (Openstax, 2017).

For this assignment pleas address the following in a written essay concerning the circular flow model:

  • Identify the primary economic decision makers.
  • Describe how money and resources are exchanged in the resource market, indicating
    • Who gets the resources
    • Who gets the income
  • Describe how money, goods, and services are exchanged in the product and services market, indicating
    • Who receives the goods and services
    • Who gets the income
  • In addition, give a brief description of any other participants in an economy that are not represented in this simple model.

For this assignment please create your response in a written essay. Make sure to use well developed paragraphs to fully explore and explain your opinions and ideas.

Your essay should include at a minimum 500 words.

Please use APA formatting in your essay – if applicable.