Midterm exam for mythology | English homework help

Consider  all that you have read and viewed so far this term – the readings, the  course videos, and all of the other content – and then answer the  following questions:

  1. Based on the course material, how “just” and/or “fair” is the world  and the relationship that exists between man and god that is envisioned  in the different myths you have read? 
  2. According to the myths you have read so far, what is the purpose of creation, and does humanity have a purpose for existing?
  3. What role does a personal sense of morality play in the course  material you have studied so far?  How does myth help shape an  individual’s values?
  4. How do the different types of ritual that have been created help man make sense of his place in the universe?

You can combine all of these questions into one large essay, or you  can attack them one by one.  Make sure each response includes as much  detail as possible, and as many references to the text and the videos as  possible.  Follow the CWI structure, and make sure that you provide  concrete support.  Do not include vague examples.  You do not need to  bring outside material in to answer these questions; however, if you do,  make sure that you cite your sources properly in the body of the paper  and include a works cited page. 

 Provide insightful answers that are fully developed.  Your  submission should total AT LEAST 4 pages, typed and double-spaced.  If  you use full quotes from the text or videos, or any other source  material, please make sure you use quotations marks and give credit to  the source parenthetically: (Campbell Video), or citations for any of  the readings. 

See attached readings from this course.