Mis-564 enterprise data management | Computer Science homework help

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Topic Should be clear and new technology 

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Technical managers are often called upon to create white papers to describe current technology, or to support and promote their ideas and proposals. To exercise the skill set required to produce a quality white paper, each student is required to create a term research project covering an in-depth area of Enterprise Data Design, Administration, and/or Management. Some topic ideas include a new trend, a technology, a product, a standard, or a managerial/technical issue significant to a business. The project allows you to integrate, in-depth, the theories and topics within the enterprise data design, administration, and management discipline covered in this course. Think of this project as a research white papers you might submit to your manager to demonstrate your technical and managerial abilities.


 Three Different .Doc File for each week

Week-2    Submit an Abstract of your research project which identifies the project subject selection and project scope definition. The abstract is worth 20 points.


Week-5 Submit a Project Progress Report consisting of your abstract from Week 2, an outline or table of contents showing the coverage and structure of your paper, and a bibliography. The Project Progress Report is worth 20 points. The purpose of the progress report is a checkpoint for issues on your topic, scope, and project progress.


Week-7 Submit your Final Research Project Paper to the Dropbox. The Final Research Project Paper is worth 210 points.