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Introduction to the Activity

Leading change effectively, communicating change appropriately, and motivating through the communication strategy require that we understand how stakeholders are impacted by the change(s) being made. Without this key information, we may make poor choices related to our communication tactics. This exercise helps us understand how we can evaluate the importance and effect of the change initiative on stakeholders. This information then allows us to make tactical choices that overcome barriers to change.


Use Change Tool 12.1 on pages 247–248 (Hayes) to complete this assignment. Note: This exercise is used in its entirety from the book.

  1. Think about a recent or impending change at work or elsewhere (at home, in a social club you belong to, and so on), and identify a key stakeholder affected by the change. HINT: You may want to revisit Case Study 10.2: Merger of two hospitals: stakeholder mapping on page 204.
  2. List all of the valued outcomes you believe the stakeholder receives in the current situation. Review the list and indicate whether you feel that the change will produce a gain (✓), no change (?), or a loss (x) for each outcome.
  3. Next, extend the list by adding any new outcomes you anticipate will be available to the stakeholder in the changed situation and indicate your assessment of whether the stakeholder will view them as a gain (✓), neutrally (?), or as a loss (x).
  4. Finally, review the content of the full table and rank how you think the stakeholder will value the outcomes. In the column headed “Rank,” enter the 1 next to the most valued outcome, 2 next to the second most valued, and so on.
  5. To make an overall assessment of the potential net gain or loss for the stakeholder, it is necessary to take account of both the number of gains and losses identified in the tables, and also the relative importance of the different valued outcomes to the stakeholder. The ranking is intended to provide a basis for weighting the significance of each gain and loss. Taking all this into account, assess whether the stakeholder is likely to view the net effect of the change as a gain or loss.
  6. Consider whether those leading the change were/are aware of how the change was/is likely to affect the availability of outcomes valued by the selected stakeholders.
  7. Consider whether this information might have improved the way the change was/is being managed.
  8. With these findings in mind, what communication tactics would you suggest using to overcome the barriers to the change?

Use good report guidelines for completion of this assignment. The final report should be between 2–4 pages.