Nat130_190 foundation of healthy living w4 | NAT130_190 Foundations of Healthy Living


As you continue your reflective journal, this week you discuss drugs, alcohol, tobacco use, and other addictive behaviors. Each week you will submit your reflective journal for instructor feedback, make the corrections or updates and submit all the previous weeks’ journal entries.

Activity Instructions

Complete the sections, Assess Yourself on the following pages in the textbook:

  • Do You Have a Problem with Drugs?, on p. 235
  • Alcohol and Tobacco: Are Your Habits Placing You at Risk?, on pp. 265-266.
  • This week you can assess yourself or if a friend or a family member is willing they may assess their behaviors and you can report for them.

Follow the instructions below.

  1. Total your scores and analyze your results.
  2. Based on your results, reflect on your drugs, alcohol and tobacco use and answer the questions below:
    • In terms of drugs, do you, a friend or family member suffer from drug addiction? Think about the drug use patterns among your social group or the social group of someone you know. Does people’s drug use make you uncomfortable? What can you do to remediate the situation?
    • If you drink alcohol, track your drinking habits and record how much alcohol you consume and how much you are spending. If you have a family history of alcohol abuse or addiction, consider whether your current use is healthy or is likely to create problems for you in the future? If you smoke what are the ways you can reduce your intake or mitigate the impact of second-hand smoke on others? If you do not drink or smoke, think of someone who does. How does their drinking or smoking affect you? If you could speak honestly with them about their alcohol or tobacco use, what would you ask them or what suggestions would you make to lessen the impact of their use on others?
    • In terms of any other addictions, what other addictive behaviors have you encountered, such as addiction to food, gambling, exercise, shopping, etc? Where would you go or refer someone to go in case assistance with these behaviors is crucial at this point?

Writing and Submission Requirements

  • A minimum of 2 pages in length, not including title page or references page (if necessary).