Need Help With My Writing Homework On Description Of Personality Write A 250 Wor

Need help with my writing homework on Description of Personality. Write a 250 word paper answering; 3. Describe someone who is angry, without saying he is angry.

Hints: what does he do? What does he look like? Are his fists clenched in rage? Is he scowling? Are his eyes hard and flinty?

The seemingly mentally deranged man, with glaring eyes, flared nostrils and gnawing teeth, violently throws everything that comes his way. One suddenly hears glasses shatter. big and small things break with intense sound painfully reaching one’s ears and causing fear, anxiety and immediate reaction and natural response to flee the scene.

4\. Describe someone who is giddy. (This one might be more challenging!)

A teenaged naïve girl who happened to have her first taste of unmeasured liquor desperately tries to walk, looking sleepily for something to grasp without success, suddenly giggles at the thought of falling yet regaining some semblance of unrequited balance to finally succumb to the natural course of unsure gait.