Need Help With My Writing Homework On History Of Galileo Galilee Write A 250 Wor

Need help with my writing homework on History of Galileo Galilee. Write a 250 word paper answering; Galileo Galilee (1564-1642) was born in Pisa and he belonged to the era of the scientific revolution. It was a period which changed the thoughts and thinking patterns of many individuals. Galileo was interested in the field of mathematics and science and he fulfilled his aim when he became an aspiring scientist.

Galileo contributed a lot to the development of the scientific method. He evolved his theories in an enthusiastic manner, such as the law that governs falling bodies. He would evaluate all the factors that might be helpful like the effect of air resistance and then he would hypothesize what would happen. Galileo framed a formula for the analysis of falling bodies which was s=gt2(s is the distance of the entire fall and t is the total time of the fall). Galileo contributed a lot in the field of theoretical physics, mathematics, and physics of experimental nature and he developed a proper relationship among these fields. Galileo also set up standards of time and length in order to compare different experiment performed in different laboratories.&nbsp.&nbsp.