Need Help With My Writing Homework On Implementing The Learning Organization Wri

Need help with my writing homework on Implementing The Learning Organization. Write a 2000 word paper answering; The Learning Organization is a group that prepares its workers to be ready to anticipate, adapt and change as the situation warrants.

One of the key components of a Learning Organization is a commitment to lifelong learning (Stinson, Pearson, &amp. Lucas, 2006, p. 309). The rapid pace of change in technology, medicine, and education demands that a successful organization places value on learning and makes adequate time for it to take place. Placing learning at the forefront of an organization’s priorities characterizes it as a Learning Organization. At Booz Allen, a strategy consulting firm, they have a program called Discover Booz Allen. Senior executives have informal chats with junior colleagues on management techniques and insights into career success throughout a yearlong immersion process (Holistic approach to learning, 2006, p. 28). According to Stinson et al.