Need Help With My Writing Homework On Logistical And Manageable Challenges And S

Need help with my writing homework on Logistical and Manageable Challenges and System. Write a 750 word paper answering; The first alternative for Colin is the inclusion of cut polishing service. The competing companies have cut polishing services, which is an additional service to make it convenient for affluent consumers. The alternative would cost a 25% percent increase in pricing, $1,500 insurance coverage and $250 for a rotary buffer (Finnbogason 7). It might lead to the loss of consumers who value pricing and an increase in affluent car owners who value the look of the car. The cost of the risk might emanate from destroying the finish of a car and training all workers to perform the same task with precision.

Mobile detailing services would mean a 30% increase in pricing and increase convenience. Additional costs are $10,000 for the truck and other equipment. It would also mean additional logistical challenges.

Golf Course partnership option would cost $150 for the sign only. It would also mean a 10% increase in price. An increase inconvenience would attract more consumers and the people who visit the golf course might not mind the increase in pricing. They are likely affluent car owners. Logistical challenges and system set up are manageable challenges.

The franchise option would involve moving to a new location and sale of the business.

Selling the company means Ford is letting go of the hard work and freedom of being his boss. However, he will be earning the same amount of money.