Need Help With My Writing Homework On Mass Culture And Its Definitions Write A

Need help with my writing homework on Mass Culture and Its Definitions. Write a 1750 word paper answering; The stars of the world of pop culture with equal success became the musicians, actors, journalists, politicians and athletes, artists, writers, scientists, religious leaders, terrorists, criminals, literary characters, the character of cartoons, revolutionaries, comic book characters, cars, beverages, TV, food, consumer electronics, clothing, animals, plants, city, mountain and others. (Madoff, 1997)

Some of the pop-cultural things have a long life, their popularity goes from generation to generation, others become famous one-day. In any case, with the help of pop culture there appears a kind of new way of communication used by many people in everyday life: for example, funny phrases of politicians, characters, commercials, TV shows or movies have become part of a living language and is used as a sort of proverbs to illustrate of thoughts of the speaker.

The concept of pop-culture was born in early 1930 and its serious study began in 1960. Since then numerous studies have been published, which the authors have attempted to determine: what comes first – a culture-specific group of people (subculture) or mass culture. No consensus on this score has not yet been formed, because the mass culture operates on a special, not well-understood laws. There are several hypotheses, the authors are attempting to explain the phenomenon of pop culture.

British literary critic and philosopher Frank Raymond Leavis, the author of the book «The culture and environment» argued that mass culture is a visible proof that in cultural terms, humanity is tending to decline. Leavis and his numerous followers of the view said that culture is ruining the standardization and mass production. In this sense, the murderer of high literature can be considered the inventor of the modern printing press – Johann Gutenberg. Before Gutenberg books were an expensive rarity, so they were&nbsp.presented by very high standards, they still affect the beauty of the presentation and design.