Pediatric Assessment Nursing Scenario


Read and respond to the provided case scenario and discussion question.
Each initial post must be an assessment plan for the pediatric client. The plan should include:
1. Three priority assessments you would perform on the pediatric client.

2. Supporting rationale cited from an outside source in APA format for the three priority assessments chosen(APA source should be within 5 years old and peer reviewed)

Tamara, a 13 year old adolescent female, arrived in the Emergency Department with pain, swelling and ecchymosis of the left lower extremity after sustaining an injury playing soccer. She was unable to bear weight on her left foot, and she rated her pain score as 8 out of 10. An x-ray was performed of her left leg and revealed a closed diaphyseal fracture of the tibia. Tamara was admitted to the hospital for pain control and observation, and the fracture was reduced with the gravity-assisted method of fracture reduction, followed by application of a splint. Three days post injury the leg swelling had diminished and a long leg non weight bearing fiberglass cast was applied. She tolerated the procedure well, she rates her pain score as 2 out of 10, and she is now ready for discharge.

Discussion Question
What are three priority assessments that you would include in your discharge plan for this client/family? Include your rationale for each priority

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