Photography analysis paper: stories and narratives

 Analysis Paper: Stories and narratives Photography is more complicated than click and shoot. It is about telling a story. Even simple portraitscan tell complex narratives. These photographs convey ideas, concepts, and paradigms. Sometimes it is capturing a specific moment while many times, it is staging a set or multiple set, or editing multiple images through darkroom or post production manipulation. Please take some time and browse through these articles and ted talk for a better understanding of visual storytelling. Please write a 4 page paper (NOT COUNTING REFERENCES): 1) introducing the artist(s) of your choice, give a little background (0.5 points) 2) explain the reasons why this particular photographer stands out to you (0.5 points) 3) analyze one or more of the artist’s work a. Formal Analysis (2.5 points) • Looking for visual elements: shape, size, texture, line, value, and space. • Looking at visual components: focus, light, repetition, vantage point/angle, balance, foreground/midground/background space, contour, contrast, setting, framing/placement. • Looking at the photographer’s decisions about the composition (the arrangement of the visual elements and components) of the photograph. b. The content (image and meaning) of the photograph, and the artist’s intention. (2.5 points) • Look for symbols in shapes, objects, color… • Look for cultural significance, relationship. • Look for hidden meanings (if applicable), social or personal commentary/statement. c. The historical and social context of the photograph as well as the time when the photograph was made. (2.5 points) 4) Is this the first time you are exposed to this type/genre/style of photography? Do the works (you should browse through as many links as possible) fit your notion of photography? Why? Why not? How are the works connected to photography history (reference your textbook)? Connect this artist/work(s) with everything you have learned so far. (2.0 points) 5) Include citations (yup, the artist link is one of your citation). Minimum 3 sources please. (0.5 points) ** remember, you should connect your analysis to your textbook, research you have done on your own, some of the links relating to photography I have introduced previously. ** You should also use the tips and guides in the Resources Module. The Tips doc has a list of vocabulary that will be very useful in writing the paper. You may choose from this list of photographers. I am introducing you to many contemporary artists from all over the world. These are photographers that work on their personal art projects AND make a living in the advertising/commercial world. You can choose works from their commercial projects or their personal work. Sacha Goldberger Erik Johansson Kremer Johnson Nadav Kander Jean-Yves Lemoigne Charit Pusiri Ransom & Mitchell Tim Tadder Jaime Travezan David Lindsey Wade Marja Pirila – Katrina Kepule – Manuel Cosentino – Kirsten Luce – Rena Effendi – Newsha Tavakolian – Erik Almas