Please write an essay on what you think will be the future of your


please write an essay on what YOU think will be the future of your country five years from now?Limit your essay to no more than three pages (title page and references not included in the page count).There is no right answer naturally, but the depth of your thought and the rationale behind it will be a major part of your grade.

Consider in your paper the following:

  • Rise and/or fall of contagious diseases; which?
  • Rise and/or fall of non-contagious diseases; which?
  • Possibility of war, conflict, and/or civil unrest;
  • Possibility of terrorism;
  • Possibility of environmental disasters;
  • Possibility of industrial disasters;
  • Healthcare infrastructure;
  • Internal political stability or instability;
  • Improvement or deterioration of civil rights;
  • The ability of the country’s infrastructure to manage these events;

Divide your paper into topics and write a paragraph or two for each of your topics or sub-headings.You may choose additional aspects that you think is relevant to your country .

Use Times New Roman, 12 font.

Any references that will support your ideas will be helpful in the grading process.