Post-colonial theory essay | English homework help

 Requirements:  In a thesis-driven, highly analytical essay, critique Ngugi’s assertion that African authors—to craft “authentically” African literature—must write in an African language.  Do you agree with Ngugi?  What are some of the limitations of his suggestion that problematize his definition of African literature?  Finally, although Ngugi concerns himself with African literature in a post-colonial context, because his ideas are rooted in a more general theory of language, his 

assertions have unexpected implications for all uses of language, even day-to-day, nonliterary ones.  What are some of these implications?  How can we apply what we’ve learned from Ngugi in our own lives? Explain.

5 page

12 pt. Times New Roman font

MLA style throughout, including a complete and correct works cited page

Heavy analysis (no summary)

At least one scholarly, outside source

Absolutely no five paragraph essays