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                                Unit IV PowerPoint Presentation 

Prepare a District or School Profile. 

Choose either a district or school, depending on your focus area and the data available to you. State Department of Education websites contain much of the data you might need. However, if you are in a school and have access to local school data, that could be more beneficial to teacher needs. 

For this scenario, imagine that you will be presenting this slideshow to your local school board. Make the presentation visually appealing as well as informative. There will also be parents in attendance at the meeting. This profile cannot include all the data that could be contained within a profile, but it will show some of the information in several areas. 

Include the following slides in your PowerPoint Presentation:

1) Title slide-District/School Profile, Your Name, Date -1 slide

2) Describe the location of your district/school, uniqueness 2 slides

3) Demographic data of students, such as ethnicity, gender, free/reduced lunch numbers, special education 4 slides. Maximum of 4 charts/graphs.

4) Student learning data in at least two subject areas such as reading, math, writing, science, or other. If possible, determine if the data you find is summative or formative. (Include celebrations and suggestions for potential improvement areas.) 6 slides. Maximum of 6 charts/graphs.

5) Non-Academic Student Data such as discipline, attendance, graduation rate, technology usage. (Include celebrations and suggestions for potential improvement areas.) 4 slides. Maximum of 4 charts/graphs.

6)  Staff Data such as years of experience, degrees, professional development 2 slides Maximum of 1 Graphic

7) Reference slide 1 slide no Graphic 

8) Minimum and Maximum #’s 20 Slides total 14 Graphics total