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Need Powerpoint presentation done.

17 slides including tile and reference slide. APA format, 5 scholar sources min (NO older than 5 years). I will be including prior essays that can be used to complete this assignment BUT, just make sure things are reworded.

-Attached is the powerpoint presentation I want to be used. Just plug in the information.

– Papers done on this topic on prior weeks in this class.

This assignment is on creating a health care policy issue and making a visit you a policy maker to speak on what you came up with. My topic for the health care policy issue is on:

***The increase in childhood obesity due to decrease of activity time in schools (cause priority on testing for subject areas in “more” important) and how these obese kids would benefit from having a nurse in schools to help with reducing those numbers. ***


1. Describe your visit/presentation, including any PowerPoint presentation materials that you utilized during your policymaker visit. Limit these slides to five slides in this project (of the 15 total slides). This includes any handouts that you left with the policymaker.

2. Discuss the response of the policymaker to your message/ask/recommendation(s).

3. Reflect on the process, follow-up plans, insights gained about the issue and process, and support with evidence.

4. Describe possible future opportunities as a result of this meeting and their importance to nursing.

5. Provide concluding statements summarizing the content.

6. Develop a 15-slide PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes in APA format, not including title and reference slides. Write speaker notes sufficient enough to enable someone to take over or give the presentation other than you.

What I will be graded on:

Visit Description

– Clearly describes the policymaking visit/presentation (includes no more than 5 slides from actual presentation)

Policymaker Response

– Slides and speaker notes discuss responses of policymaker to your message/ask/recommendation(s).

Reflections on Process

– Reflections on process (including supportive evidence), follow-up, and insights gained (issue and process) are clearly described in slide and speaker notes.

Future Opportunities

– Describe possible future opportunities as a result of this meeting/presentation and their importance to nursing


– Concluding statements summarize content.


– APA format

– minimum of 5 scholar sources, no older than 5 years


Please be creative in the response of the policymaker. I didn’t actually meet with anyone, but can guess that there is nothing they can do, It has to do with budget as well as individual school programs, and that they will “take into consideration”.

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