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During the past 70 years, the standards for practicing earned value have matured into a very well-defined set of expectations. These practice standards are codified in the 32 criteria defined by the EIA-748D guidelines. The 32 criteria are grouped into the following 5 areas:

  1. Organization
  2. Planning, Scheduling, and Budgeting
  3. Accounting Considerations
  4. Analysis and Management Reports
  5. Revisions and Data Maintenance

Address 1 or more of the following themes in your Discussion Board posting. Discuss and defend your answer.

  • Are some criteria more important than others? If so, which criteria are the most important?
  • Does the practice of earned value management become an end unto itself that detracts from other critical program management practices?
  • Are any elements missing that ought to be included in the EIA-748D criteria?