Prepare a report (approximately 2,500 words) on the competitive

 Prepare a report (approximately 2,500 words) on the competitive environment of the given industry, identifying and analyzing in appropriate depth the key factors and issues. Groups will be required to prepare and work both in-class and independently. Group members are invited to discuss with the module leader if any penalties should be applied. The assignment has three parts with different weighting as outlined below: 1) Industry characteristics [20% weighting] Outline the nature, size, and general characteristics of the industry (some examples might include the nature of the industry, industry background, size, market sector, number of competitors, key competitors). 2) The general business environment [50% weighting] Analyse the political, economic, legal/regulatory, socio-cultural, technological and ecological factors influencing the industry’s business environment including an assessment of the rate of change for these key factors. 3) A conclusion that assesses the relative importance of different factors influencing the industry’s business environment; comments about the stability and/or predictability in the company’s business environment. [20% weighting] INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT MGT2540 15 4) Overall presentation (including citation and referencing, grammar and punctuation, use of appropriate charts, tables and diagrams) [10% weighting].  A clear cover page with all essential information (names and student numbers of the group, module name and number, assignment title, word count, date)  A well-structured, formal report using a logical alphanumeric/numeric system or subheadings  A table of contents with page numbers  A brief introduction outlining the scope of the report, and giving a brief desсrіption of the industry under investigation  Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation  One seamless piece of writing, i.e. one editorial voice; logical/methodical structure  Use appropriate and properly labelled charts, graphs and tables.  Proper in-text citations where applicable (including references to industry/company literature/web sources)  No recommendations – this is an investigative report  Within 10% of the word count (2,500)  A correctly formatted Table of References (Harvard style is preferred) The report should be based on publicly available information. There is no need to contact companies directly. Make use of learning resources introduced in the workshops and those listed in the Module Handbook; ensure that you do not solely rely on general search websites. The higher quality, independent sources (e.g. journals articles and books) used the better the scholarship and quality of your work is likely to be.