Princ of mkt marketing plan (2)


Choosing an Organization

You may choose any known organization (for-profit, not-for-profit, small, medium, large, existing, new start-up, established organizations are all permitted) or make one up for your Plan. If you make up your own organization, you will need to find (and reference where applicable) information that is relevant to this type of organization. If you are unsure, it is strongly suggested that you use an existing company. Focus on one or two major products/services rather than the whole organization.

Writing the Plan

Follow the report format for the Marketing Plan closely. Write in business report format using full paragraphs unless otherwise stated. It is crucial to follow various major concepts in the textbook to devise your plan and strategy for each section. In other words, use major parts of each chapter to discuss details for each section.  The length of the assignment should be between 8-10 pages, not including an appendix. A minimum of 3 scholarly sources including your textbook must be cited using any recognized citation style. Use in-text citations throughout the paper.

It is recommended that you review the grading rubric attached to this dropbox before submitting your assignment.

Rubric Name: Marketing Plan

Print RubricThis table lists criteria and criteria group names in the first column. The first row lists level names and includes scores if the rubric uses a numeric scoring method. You can give feedback on each criterion by tabbing to the add feedback buttons in the table.CriteriaLevel 3Level 2Level 1Criterion ScoreOverall Content170 points

All components of the marketing plan were thoroughly detailed to an excellent level of analysis and appropriate for the chosen organization.

The plan reflects application of course concepts.

Meets length requirement (8-10 pp. double-spaced, not including Appendix).

152 points

All components of the plan were addressed, but some aspects needed further description or did not reflect a complete familiarity with course concepts.


The length was slightly lower than required (7 pp. double-spaced)

130 points

Some of the plan’s components lacked sufficient detail or were missing altogether. Aspects of the plan presented a misunderstanding of course concepts.


The length is much lower than required (6 pp. double-spaced). 

Lower than this will result in a serious grade reduction.

Score of Overall Content,/ 170Writing Mechanics and Citing20 points

Information was clear and easy to understand.

The completed plan was free of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.

A minimum of 3 sources was cited.

Resources were correctly cited throughout using a consistent style guideline.

17 points

Writing was clear with only a few errors in grammar, spelling or punctuation.

A minimum of 3 sources was cited.

Very minor citing errors may exist.

14 points

Writing had many (>5) errors in spelling, grammar, or citations.

Fewer than 3 sources were cited.

Plagiarized work will receive a grade of 0 on the ENTIRE assignment.

Score of Writing Mechanics and Citing,/ 20Organization and Formatting10 points

The plan was well-organized with the use of headings and other formatting to create a professional presentation that is easy to understand and navigate.

8 points

Organization and formatting were lacking in minor respects, impacting the overall presentation negatively.

6 points

Organization was lacking due to several unlabeled sections or poor use of other formatting techniques such as use of double-spacing, adequate margins, or page numbering. 

Score of Organization and Formatting,/ 10Rubric Total ScoreTotalScore of Marketing Plan,/ 200

Overall Score

Overall Score

Level 3180 points minimum

Level 2150 points minimum

Level 10 points minimum