problem 1 salzberg company has the following information available at year end sale 4352233



1.Salzberg Company has the following information available at year-end:

Sale of bonds payable$ 75,000

Net additions to plant and equipment45,000

Purchase of another company162,500

Cash paid out to suppliers of inventory86,250

Cash received from customers125,000

Dividends paid to owners25,000

Issuance of common stock40,000

Sale of land17,500


Determine the net cash flow from (a) financing activities and (b) investing activities.

2.The RK Corporation reported the following information at the end of its most recent fiscal year:

Cash paid for insurance$ 2,400

Cash paid for dividends11,300

Cash paid to suppliers of inventory59,925

Cash paid for interest1,875

Cash collected from customers92,650

Cash received from disposal of equipment19,000

Cash paid for utilities4,700

Cash paid to employees15,750

Cash paid for equipment32,550


Determine each of the following amounts. Show your work neatly and clearly. cash flow from operating activities (direct basis) cash flow from financing activities cash flow from investing activities

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