Project management, running case: project schedule (microsoft project)


If you have not done so already, download Microsoft Project and install it on your computer.

After downloading Microsoft Project and before using it, refer to the continuation of Case Study 1, A Not-for-Profit Medical Research Center, which is in Chapter 5 of the text.

Open Microsoft Project and input the activities you created in your brainstorming PowerPoint  into the MS Project Gantt View.

  1. Apply a duration for each activity as requested in Case Question 1.
  2. Based on the logical order you determined in your schedule brainstorming, input the activities into Microsoft Project and indicate the predecessor activities consistent with the logical order of activities. Attempt to fit the schedule into 180 days as requested by Case Question 2. Make note of your revisions for your final summary.
  3. Determine the critical path, and identify the activities that make up the critical path. 
  4. Produce a bar chart (Gantt chart) based on the ES and EF times from the schedule in item. 

Submit your Microsoft Project file along with a one-page descriptive summary of your schedule including the final schedule duration, and the revisions made to achieve it.