Promoting Healthy food choices in children ages 6-8-nursing


Order instructions:
I need an abstract and a professional research poster (1 slide- see example of layout below) please use attached information for the abstract. Please follow directions below. I will be attaching the entire project created as well as an example of a professional posters and the template that needs to be used for the poster.
I will also attach the grading rubric for both the abstract and the poster.
Please use use needs assessment logic model and Annotated bib references as the references for this presentation. If you need the articles please let me know I can provide them too!

Plan a professional poster and abstract. The poster will be evaluated for adherence to best standards for visual media presentations. The final project and poster presentation should include the following content:

A “hook” to gain the attention of the audience.
Description of the problem and identification of the population at risk.
Public Health theoretical framework used.
Objectives of the project. What do you hope to accomplish?
Mention of who your audience was and what you did to ensure your products/program met their needs.
Description of what was done in the project- the action, your activities.
Description of results of your action and outcome evaluation.
Your proposed recommendations for future work to help solve/resolve the health issue.
A final point that “grabs” the audience
Professional Research Poster Design Guidance:

1. All fonts should be at 28pts and above.

2. Headings should be of larger font size.

3. Graphics should highlight what you created. Any outside graphics must include a discreet in-poster citation

4. Here are some links, working as of August 7, 2016 and you can also simply Google “how to create a professional poster using…PowerPoint, publisher, adobe…

Designing conference posters

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