Prototyping an Event-Driven IT Application

Process Modeling: Prototyping an Event-Driven IT Application

Give yourself enough time to complete this assignment. I estimate about four hours to
complete. In order to do well on the midterm, you must think this through on your own.

The Georges Book Store
Georges Book Store is a retail store that operates in Fairfax, VA. The company sells
books and periodicals. Georges Book Store also sells merchandise through its on-line store. The following describes the sales/collection process of the on-line store, which is similar to other on-line retail stores like Amazon..
Description of Sales Procedures
The Georges Book Store sales/collection process begins when a customer places an order on the company website. Note that the customer must have an account in order to place an order. The customer pays for the order with a third-party credit card at the time of the order.

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Note that backorders are not permitted. Each morning, a ware house employee checks the computer system for orders placed the previous day. He prints out one copy of each
order to be used as a stock release. For each order, he picks the goods, packages the goods, and forwards the package and the stock release to the shipping department. The shipping clerk calls either FedEx or UPS. He then prepares three copies of the shipping notice
and one return authorization document. One copy of the shipping notice is filed in the shipping department. One copy is included in the shipment to the customer along with the return authorization, and the last copy is for the accounting department. FedEx and UPS arrive every day at 4:30 PM. After the shipping clerk knows the goods are on their way to the customer, the stock release and a copy of the shipping notice are stapled together and sent to the accounting department. Customers are permitted to make returns. Customer returns are received in the warehouse. The warehouse clerk prepares a receiving report and inspects and reconciles the returned goods to the return authorization included in the shipment by the customer. The warehouse clerk places the returned goods on the warehouse shelves. The receiving report and return authorization are stapled together and sent to the accounting department.
1.Draw an REA model with cardinalities for the operating events in the sales/collection process described above. Make sure you differentiate between the operating and the in
formation events. The REA model can be hand-drawn, but neatness is required.
2.List each database table required, complete with key attributes (primary keys), foreign keys, and non-key attributes. Use proper notation as described in class. This part
of the requirement needs to be typewritten.

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