Read a company case and answer the questions

Read the case and come to an understanding of the GUIDELINE SOLUTIONS – the analytic work has been done for you. It’s efficient to look over the guideline solutions BEFORE you dig deeply into the case…for your first shot at the case, read only the first and last paragraphs and the exhibits.

Write an essay in Word (not Excel), including:

1-Explanation of the essence of this deal, i.e., how it works.

2-If you are Sam Mencoff would you join the deal or not. Explain why in detail, but briefly, including all relevant considerations he must take into account.

3-If you are Bernie Sanders, would you propose legislation to out law such deals? Explain why.

4-If you are are Mitt Romney, would you propose legislation to outlaw such deals? Explain why. If you don’t know who Romney is, use google.

 2-page limit. single space