Read the following passages. identify the genre and subgenre of each

Read the following passages. Identify the genre and subgenre of each excerpt, state the theme that all three share, and then compare and contrast the differences in the way the different genres develop that theme. 
Passage A: (From Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave by Frederick Douglass) 
“Sunday was my only leisure time. I spent this in a sort of beast-like stupor, between sleep and wake, under some large tree. At times I would rise up, a flash of energetic freedom would dart through my soul, accompanied with a faint beam of hope, that flickered for a moment, and then vanished. I sank down again, mourning over my wretched condition.” 

Passage B: (From “Song of Myself” by Walt Whitman) 
“The runaway slave came to my house and stopt outside, 
I heard his motions crackling the twigs of the woodpile, 
Through the swung half-door of the kitchen I saw him limpsy and weak, 
And went where he sat on a log and led him in and assured him, 
And brought water and fill’d a tub for his sweated body and bruis’d feet, 
And gave him a room that enter’d from my own, and gave him some 
coarse clean clothes, 
And remember perfectly well his revolving eyes and his awkwardness, 
And remember putting piasters on the galls of his neck and ankles; 
He staid with me a week before he was recuperated and pass’d north, 
I had him sit next me at table, my fire-lock lean’d in the corner.