Reflect upon this image how it “fits” or does “not fit” contemporary to nursing practice.


Go the suggested website as noted:

This website has many articles and resources for you regarding images of nursing in film, television, literature, and other sources. Read the additional professional articles supplied on Blackboard.

2. Following your reading of the assigned articles:

Houweling, L. (2004). Image, fiction, and style: A history of the nursing uniform. American Journal of Nursing, 104(4), 40-48

3. select a popular film, book excerpt, or television episode in which the image of nursing practice is depicted. Examples are included below but are not limited to these suggestions.

a. Your identified popular image of nursing from books, film, or other media. Please provide a briefsummation of the film OR the excerpt from the book chosen. Nurse Jackie, a television series is another example of popular images in nursing. There are many possibilities.

b. How is nursing depicted in your chosen source? Discuss the symbolism used throughout the media selected. How does it impact the view of professional nursing at the time it was produced and did it accurately reflect or does it currently reflect professional nursing as it is today? Has this image created a false description of professional nursing? Does it support a professional image? Did it raise controversy at the time it was produced?

c. How did this particular image of “a nurse” influence your entry into the practice of nursing or a particular personal experience in nursing practice? Provide some reflective writing around these ideas.

d. Reflect upon how this image “fits” or does “not fit” contemporary nursing practice. Some questions for consideration may include, but are not limited to the following:

i. Comparison of the roles of nursing

ii. Comparison of power relationships in nursing (for example, physician/nurse relationships)

iii. Differences in evidence-based practice in nursing (for example, does the source depict a certain method of practice that conflicts or continues to support contemporary nursing practices?)

iv. Differences in educational preparation in nursing

e. One professional source IN ADDITION TO your selected image source should be noted to support your posting.

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