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 Please submit your chapters 1-3 drafts. Before submitting, you should review Chapter 2 to ensure that it aligns with Chapter 1 and 3. Are all of the variables in your research questions discussed in Chapter 2? Do you have literature in Chapter 2 that supports/justifies your research questions? 



  • Research Topic
  • Problem:
  • Theory (make sure your theory is supported with references)
  • Study Population: Provide details
  • Method: Quant or Qual

we need below points should be added.

 Research Questions (2-3 questions)  Research questions should align with your theory.  If Quanitative, what are your variables? If Qualitative, what is your focus? 

 Describe the procedures that will be used. How will data be collected? 

What instrument will you use? If Quanitativwe, who has used it before? For example, if you found a survey used before, have you requested to permission from the author to use it yet? 

Data Collection and Data Analysis: (Specify the data the that will be collected). What instrument will you use? If Quanitative method, who has used this insturment before?