Research paper on play a raisin in the sun


Updated/revised instructions provided in class

In 4-6 pages (12 point, Times New Roman, double spaced), write an essay with a convincing argument based on a previous essay you have written, and incorporating outside sources to support your ideas. 

For example, if your thesis was about the changes in Walter Younger you saw throughout the play “A Raisin in the Sun,” who else shared these same views, based on your searches within the library database? How can you incorporate their shared ideas as a continuation of your paragraphs within the essay?

Your essay should include a strong three point thesis and four sources (from 2012-2018) that support your argument. All sources should be credible and reliable, and at least 1 must be peer reviewed. One of these sources will be your text (play, short story, poem, etc.).

Necessary changes should have been made, per feedback on previous essays, prior to submission. You may make minor changes (not major) to your previous essay thesis if needed.

This essay is due in Blackboard by class time (9:30 a.m.) by 12/3.  No late or emailed papers will be accepted for any reason.

You must use MLA formatting to appropriately cite your sources. Be sure to cite sources through in-text citations, as well as on a separate Works Cited page. A number of sources are provided in the Web Resources section of the course room to support you with this portion of the assignment.

Any plagiarism on this assignment will receive an automatic zero for the assignment. You must give credit to any outside sources used in the essay, and cannot use more than 2 sentences per paragraph (none in intro) from an outside source.