Retail marketing case study questions

  • Papers are required to meet all APA guidelines including title page, in-text citations, and reference page.
  • Page requirements: For this assignment, there is not a minimum nor a maximum page requirement.  However, students are required to answer each questions in a scholarly manner (meaning a proper in-depth answer in required for each question).

When answering each question, students must follow the following example:

Case study name and number should use APA Header 1

Write out each question using APA Header 2

Your in-depth answer in proper APA writing.

Example of the proper page format (Using Case Study #1 as an example):

                                                            Case 1: Howard Schultz on Starbucks’ Future Plans to Grown (Header 1)

Question #1: Discuss the pros and cons of evaluating a retailers success using same store sales growth data? (Header 2)

            Your answer will follow….