Richard dorment’s “why man still can’t have it all”

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ENGL 1101 Online 

Fall 2021 

Essay #3 

Subject text selection due to text selection drop box by noon, Monday, November 15, 2021

Completed essay due by noon, Monday, November 22, 2021

The title and author of the subject text you will write on must be submitted to the drop box in Blackboard and 

the completed essay must be submitted to the Essay #3 drop box in Blackboard no later than the times and dates

listed above. One point will be deducted from your Essay #3 grade for every day that your text selection is not 

submitted after the deadline. The deadline penalty policy from the syllabus applies to all essays not submitted 

by the due date and time. Use the drop box; do not email or message your work.

Essay requirements:

• 2-3 pages (2 complete pages minimum, not including works cited page)

• Use traditional essay format (introductory paragraph that introduces subject text with thesis statement, body 

paragraphs, concluding paragraph, transitions – no section headings allowed)

• Use correct MLA format (including document format and citation format for both in-text citations and 

entries on the works cited page)

• Use correct Standard English grammar and mechanics

• Adhere to the assignment

• Use properly introduced and cited quotes and/or paraphrases from the selected subject text to support your 

thesis statement 

• Conduct no research and use no other sources than the subject text (it is inappropriate to look up any 

information that ends up in your essay other than textual evidence from the subject text; an automatic 30 

points deduction will be assessed for failing to meet this requirement)

• Do NOT wait until the last minute; manage your time and obligations carefully.

Essay options:

This assignment requires you to read a text and then make an argument about a point of meaning, interpretation, 

or understanding based upon your reading of the text. Review the textual analysis notes before starting work on 

this assignment.

Choose one article from the Texts for Essay 3 folder on Blackboard (select only from the choices in that folder). 

Submit the title and author of that text to the text selection drop box by the deadline. Once you have chosen the 

text, write a thesis-based essay that answers one or more of the following questions:

• What is the text’s point and why is that point important?

• How and why does the text use logos, ethos, and/or pathos to support its point?

• Who is the intended audience of the text, and what does the text want the audience to think or do (and 


Please note that all of the questions concern the text rather than the writer. Do not write a summary report on 

the text; your audience is an informed peer who is already familiar with the text. Do not write a biography of 

the writer; focus on answering the question or questions you have chosen. Do not write an essay on the topic of 

the subject text; focus on answering the question or questions you have chosen (Example: If you choose David 

Kirby’s essay “Inked Well,” do not write an essay about tattoos; write an essay that answers one or more of the 

topic questions about his essay). Do not write an essay discussing the contexts or surrounding events of the 

subject text (Example: If you choose Dr. King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” do not write an essay about the 

Civil Rights Movement; write an essay that answers one or more of the topic questions about his letter). Do not

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write an essay arguing with the author or arguing his/her point for the author. Do not rewrite the subject text in

your own words as your essay. 

DO write an essay in which you answer one or more of the assigned questions about the subject text. The 

sample essay available is not perfect, but it will give you an idea of how to approach this assignment.

I strongly recommend reading several selections far in advance of the essay due date so you can have time to 

choose a text you will want to write about. Do not choose based on the title alone or wait until the last minute.

 the password to the website is ford