Rubber and blast | Chemistry homework help

Purpose: To use the scientific method to answer a question.


1. Watch these videos to learn about some of the terms used in this activity. 

Biology: Independent vs. Dependent Variables

Accuracy versus precision

Accuracy and Precision | It's Easy!

2. Collect needed materials. This activity requires at least two things:

a) Rubber band – You can use any rubber band you may have in the house. Hair bands or any other elastic bands will probably work fine. If you have different rubber bands you might want to pick one or use them all if you want to compare differences between them. If you don’t have a rubber band, you can often get one at the grocery store when you buy certain vegetables.

b) A measuring device – You can use a tape measure, ruler, or meter stick. However, if you don’t have one of those, you can use anything! The length can be measured by your feet or body length, toilet paper rolls or squares, pieces of 8.5×11 paper, etc. Get creative! The point of this activity is to use some type of measurement to answer your question – it doesn’t have to be restricted to any particular unit of measurement.

3. Perform the experiment and fill out the report sheets. For this lab activity, experiment instructions are included in the lab’s Report Sheets pages. To submit your lab, upload your filled in Report Sheets as a single PDF file here in this assignment page. 

Option 1: Refer to pages 147-152 of your CHEM& 140 Workbook that you purchased through the BC Bookstore.

Option 2: If you do not have your Workbook yet, you may use these DOCX or PDF versions from an older version of the Workbook. Fill them out electronically and save as a PDF file (one file). If you use the PDF version to print out: fill it out and then scan using a smartphone PDF scanner app or insert pictures into a document, and save as a single PDF file.

121_Report Sheet Rubber Band Blast Online Sp20.docx

121_Report Sheet Rubber Band Blast Online Sp20.pdf