Selection & interview assignment | Human Resource Management homework help


Selection Plan & Interview 

1. Select a job posting for a managerial level job in the field of HR. Review the job posting and company. Perform an analysis of the company, the purpose of the role, the culture of the company, feedback from past employees via SECONDARY RESEARCH ONLY. (Max 2 to 2.5 pages for this step).

2. Following the best practices from the textbooks as well as research from industry sites create the entire selection process (a written plan) and interview questionnaire. Based on the type of job, ensure that there is the right balance of question types. For the selection process (Max 2 pages) and for the interview questions Max 10 questions. Each question should have a 1- or 2-line explanation for why you think this is an appropriate question for this post.


• This is a mixed experiential and formal research exercise.

• Provide at least 15 academic and Industry references.