Shopify assignmnet | E-Commerce | University Canada West

 Come up with a business idea using the Value Proposition Canvas (VPC) and Business Model Canvas(BMC). • Write a document that explains the VPC and BMC for their business idea. Each section of the VPC and BMC must be explained. A clear connection between VPC and BMC must be demonstrated in the document. Consider the learnings from the Week 1 Discussion Post of VPC/BMC to guide your paper. See document “My Business Idea Part 1 – Bringing it to Life using Shopify”. • Using Shopify to create their own e-commerce store with minimum of 7 products, grouped in at least two collections (categories) as set out in the business idea document. (15%) • Marking rubrics for the Shopify e-commerce site is shown below in the document. • Upon completion of the assignment, the student must complete this survey to receive Each student who receives at least 65% on the assignment, will receive Shopify Basics badge for the pre-launch setup of an online Shopify store. This badge gives the students experience in building an appealing store catalogue, customizing their website, and creating additional website content. The store is not launched to the public and each student performance will be evaluated through the following elements: