Sibling abuse | Sociology homework help

(Sibling abuse).. one form of child maltreatment included in chapter 7 on Additional Forms of Child maltreatment that you would like to know more about.  Find one journal/scholarly article (not Wikipedia or similar website) that discusses your topic.  Find one media article reporting on a specific happening.  The article should contain good description and detail  – at least two to three pages long. 

Once you have thoroughly read both articles, please address the following:

Summarize the article. 

How do the characteristics of the victim and characteristics of the perpetrator match with the information provided in the chapter? 

What social and environmental factors are identified? 

Are these consistent with the readings? 

What treatment and prevention measures do you feel might be effective? 

Remember to use citations and document all sources of information.

Miller-Perrin, C. L., & Perrin, R. D. (2013. Child maltreatment: An introduction (3rd. ed).  Thousand Oaks, C.A.: Sage Publications. Chapter 7