Sit740 research and development in information technology credit task


 In this task you will apply the Design Science Research Methodology (DSRM) to write a research proposal and solve a particular problem 

 Submission Details   

Submit the following files to Doubtfire: A PDF document with your proposal (500 words) 


Write a short research proposal (500 words) on an IT prototype system to solving one of the following problems, include at least four to five references in your proposal. Your proposal should, as much as possible, contain the components mentioned in the structure of a research proposal described earlier in this week, and do further research if necessary. Choose ONE of the scenarios below: Problem Scenario 1: People are concerned about kids potentially getting lost when going for an excursion to a large park in a city or a museum. People worry that they will wander away from a teacher or be kidnapped. A possible solution is based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. Problem Scenario 2: Elderly people can sometimes feel alone and vulnerable in their own home, and fear a fatal fall. You might consider seeing if the Internet of Things could help monitor elderly people. Problem Scenario 3: Tremendous harm can come from the over-consumption of alcohol. While alcohol cannot be banned in many countries, there is a need to reduce the harm associated withe excessive consumption. Perhaps consider applying the potential of smartphone apps or devices. While completing this task, you should think through and apply the steps in the DSRM methodology and consider the potential of IT interventions to deal with real-world concerns.  You will not be judged so much on the originality or technical content of your proposal but on how you apply the methodology and if the proposal has the recommended structure. Please read up on the Design Science Research Methodology this week to help you with this task. While you may be able to think of a response to the problems described above that does not involve Information Technology, the point of the activity is to research and propose an IT based solution.