Smoking and Lung Cancer

Write a four to eight (4-8) page paper in which you: Compose ananalysis of lung cancer as compared to other leading causes ofdeath in your state. Include the mortality rates and the costs oflung cancer (for the most recent year reported) in your analysis.Analyze the three (3) key risk factors associated with lung canceras it pertains to your state. Rank the three (3) key risk factorsfrom order of biggest public health concern. Provide statistics orspecific evidence from your state to support your ranking. For thehighest key risk factor that you ranked above, analyze the effortsyour state has taken to address that factor over the past 10 years.Consider the efforts your state has taken to overcome this riskfactor. Then, recommend at least two (2) new tactics or strategiesthe state can take that will help lower that risk factor that hasnot been taken in the last 10 years. Provide a rationale andsupport for your recommendations. Use at least four (4) qualityacademic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and otherWebsites do not qualify as academic resources. APA FORMAT!!!

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