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True or false:
a. If stored video is streamed directly from a Web server to a media player, then the application is using TCP as the underlying transport protoco’
b. When using RTP, it is possible for a sender to change encoding in the middle of a session.
c. All applications that use RTP must use port 87.
d. If an RTP session has a separate audio and video stream for each sender, then the audio and video streams use the same SSRC.
e. In differentiated services, while per-hop behavior defines differences in performance among classes, it does not mandate any particular mechaar nism for achieving these performances.
f. Suppose Alice wants to establish an SIP session with Bob. In her INVITE message she includes the line: m=audio 48753 RTP/AVP 3 (AVP 3 denotes GSM audio). Alice has therefore indicated in this message that she wishes to send GSM audio. g. Referring to the preceding statement, Alice has indicated in her INVITE message that she will send audio to port 48753.
h. SIP messages are typically sent between SIP enti.ties using a default SIP port number.
I. In order to maintain registration , SIP clients must periodically send REGISTER messages.
J. SIP mandates that all SIP clients support G.711 audio encoding.

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